Fleetwood Mac's Lindsey Buckingham chats to Yours

Fleetwood Mac's Lindsey Buckingham chats to Yours

The secret to the band's longevity!

"What has allowed Fleetwood Mac to prevail is that we don’t actually maintain daily contact. I think the very thing that keeps the chemistry so alive in the band and the music so good is because we take each other in small doses. It's good to just reconnect as human beings."

We are very different

"The politics of Fleetwood Mac have always been a very convoluted thing because on some level our sensibilities are so vastly different. You could probably even make a case for saying that we should never have actually ended up being in the same band even though it was that precise synergy that made it work."

Time to grow up

"In Fleetwood Mac the mantra is always to remember that we are making our own strides to just be adults and grow up a little. I think in past years we were all in various forms of arrested development."

Being a dad is the most important thing

"The only challenge I have now regarding doing a world tour is that I have kids and I don’t want to come home after nine months on the road and find that my boy’s voice has broken or changed. I want to be there for all of those things."

Meeting my wife changed my life

"At one time I needed to experience a really solitary existence for a while and concentrate on my music. I don’t recall one particular dark moment, although I think there was just a particular time when I saw a lot of my friends losing it.
The time right before meeting my wife was potentially the time that I would now look back as the darkest and then I met this woman and suddenly I turned a big corner in my life. Hopefully I experienced some good karma there."

The environment is important

"We still have to get a grasp on the global warming issues and I now have a hybrid car for example."

British blues has been a key

"I think the band has often been labelled as defining that kind of Californian mid 70s sound however I believe that Christine McVie’s very British blues sensibilities kept us from sounding like just another version of The Eagles. When I joined she would take me to the public houses of Soho and show me places like the 100 Club on Oxford Street where my heroes The Rolling Stones and The Sex Pistols played."

What made you who you are today

"It was in 1975 when my then girlfriend Stevie Nicks and I were invited by Mick Fleetwood to join his British group Fleetwood Mac. Stevie and I were off on our own musical path as a duo but when Mick called to say he admired my guitar playing and asked me to join the band I said: “Well you have to take my girlfriend too”. Stevie and I didn’t know exactly what we were getting into!"

  • Lindsay was talking to Andrew Threlfall.


Fleetwood Mac Tour dates

  • 02 Arena London – May 27 and 28.
  • Birmingham – June 8 and June 9
  • Manchester Arena – June 12
  • Glasgow SSE Hydro – June 17 ande 22
  • London 02 Arena – June 24,  26 and 27
  • Leeds, First Direct Arena – June 30
  • Manchester Arena – July 1
  • Birmingham – July 4
  • Leeds First Direct Arena July 5
  • Glasgow – July 8

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