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Who is Fiona Gibney?

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Who is Fiona Gibney?
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Who is Fiona Gibney?

Fiona is an actress and producer best known for her work on Mrs Brown’s Boys.

Fiona Gibney in Mrs Brown’s Boys

Fiona has acted and produced All Round to Mrs Brown’s, Mrs Brown’s Boys and Mrs Brown’s Boys D’Movie. She also helped to produce the Mrs Brown’s Boys Live Tour. She plays Sharon MGoogan, on-screen daughter of Winnie and Jacko. She’s a barmaid at Foley’s Pub and is known for her extremely loud voice. She’s also known for her desperation for a boyfriend.

Is Fiona married?

Fiona is quite private about her personal life, but at the moment we believe she is single.


Sisters: Fiona and Jennifer Gibney

Fiona and Jennifer Gibney are sisters, making Brendan O’Carroll (Mrs Agnes Brown ‘herself’!) Fiona’s brother-in-law.

Jennifer and Brendan have been married since 2005 and Brendan has three children, Fiona, Danny and Eric who Jennifer is step-mother to. Fiona O’Carroll plays Maria, while her real-life husband Martin Delany plays Trevor. Danny plays Buster, while Brendan’s grandson Jamie O’Carroll plays Bono. Are you keeping up?

Jennifer Gibney herself plays Cathy Brown, the daughter of Mrs Brown, played by her husband. Talk about keeping it in the family!

How old is Fiona Gibney?

We were unable to find out, but her sister Jennifer is 53.