Coach Trip's Brendan Sheerin: "I've always had the travel bug"

Coach Trip's Brendan Sheerin: "I've always had the travel bug"

Who’s on the coach in series 10

Well, there’s Ann and Carol – they’re neighbours and have been friends for 50 years. They had a few clashes, shall we say, with the younger generation! And then there are childhood sweethearts, Terry and Julie. They got on quite well.

Group travel is a learning curve

The thing about Coach trip is that the generations do mix. They get to know each other’s idiosyncrasies and the older ones have life experience, which they tend to end up sharing. Some of the younger ones really end up looking up to them. It’s not homesickness, but they just cockle along with people and start calling them their ‘adopted Coach Trip mum’, or grandma. It’s lovely.

Voting with a twist

On this trip, if there’s a two-way tie then both couples get a yellow card. Before now, in the event of a two or three-way tie, I would take the group aside and ask them to decide which couple would get the card. But this time, nobody’s safe! It jigs things up a bit…

Series 10 was a lot of fun to make

We visit some lovely places in the new series. We start in Scarborough, my hometown, which is a great place and I love it. That was a beautiful day. And then we’ve a brilliant itinerary, which takes us right through central Europe.

The best bits

Everyone had a go at skateboarding; that was quite funny. Getting a grandmother on a skateboard, you can imagine… And you must watch out for the part where 19-year-old twins Stephen and Rebecca tell us about their most embarrassing moments. I’m not giving anything away, but our sides were splitting, I can tell you.

I’m so lucky

When I think about what’s happened to me it’s like a dream. I never studied for television or theatre or anything – but I’ve always had the travel bug.

Next… Central America! Or South America! Or Russia…

Russia’s still on my bucket list, especially St. Petersburg, as I’d love to see the palaces of the Tsars. But Argentina, Costa Rica and Panama also interest me. And I’d love to take Coach Trip further afield, too – Australia would be amazing.

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