Belinda Carlisle, set for a new tour, tells Yours her life lessons

Belinda Carlisle, set for a new tour, tells Yours her life lessons
  • Everybody should practise yoga
    I’ve been practising Kundalini Yoga on and off for 23 years, but I’ve really focused on it for the past ten years. It involves a lot of chanting which balances the glandular system. It’s totally life-changing but it’s hard to put that experience into words. It’s all about your inner person; it’s called the yoga of awareness. Everyone should try it as it’s truly amazing. 
  • The secret to a successful marriage is… space
    My husband (film producer Morgan Mason) and I can sometimes go a few weeks without seeing each other due to our various work commitments but I think that’s a positive thing. Who wants to see the same person every single day (laughs)! But seriously, it’s good to be apart and then come back together. It’s always worked for us.
  • Reality TV is my idea of  hell!
    I was a contestant in Hell’s Kitchen in 2004 and Dancing with the Stars (America’s version of Strictly Come Dancing) in 2009 and the stress you suffer is beyond anything you can imagine. The producers can edit you anyway they want, and the viewers are completely manipulated. It’s a lot of smoke and mirrors and I will never, ever do it again. I keep getting asked to do I’m A Celebrity and the answer is always a firm no!  
  • My singing voice is stronger than ever… 
    but it’s also harder than ever to maintain it. Going on tour isn’t always fun and games for me; I try to avoid speaking in the hours leading up to a concert. I’m usually sat in my hotel room with two humidifiers on, doing vocal exercises. When I was younger I could smoke and drink and then sing on stage for two hours but not anymore - I have to be very careful with my voice. 
  • I’m passionate about animal rights
    With my former band The Go-Go’s I posed naked in Peta’s first ever I’d Rather Go Naked Than Wear Fur poster campaign. I also have an animal project that’s been going for a year called the Animal People Alliance that provides care for injured street animals and we’re in the process of building a hospital in Kolkata to care for them. I’m also a very vocal supporter of the vegetarian cause.
  • What Made You Who You Are Today?
    I think I’ve lived the lives of five people over the course of my 56 years. Everything from doing extreme travelling, being a mother, being a wife, being a singer, being famous since my early twenties, being dropped by my record label when I was 40. It’s a broad answer but all these experiences have made me who I am today. 

Belinda was talking to Clyde McGarrigle

Belinda Carlisle The CD Singles 1986 – 2014 is out now. Belinda is touring the UK in October