Alan Titchmarsh herds sheep over London Bridge

Alan Titchmarsh herds sheep over London Bridge

We do have some rather interesting traditions here in Britain, but we’ve certainly never heard of this one that Alan Titchmarsh took part in at the weekend!

As part of a centuries-old tradition that dates back to times when Freeman were allowed to bring livestock into the city without paying taxes. To mark the occasion, Alan was joined by 600 Freemen of London along with a flock of 30 sheep from Bedfordshire to herd across the bridge.

The event is expected to raise thousands for charity as well as remind the public about farming issues in the UK.

Speaking to the BBC, Alan said: "This reminds them of the importance of farming and all it produces."

"I don't think I've done anything odder than this on a Sunday morning. This takes the biscuit."

Alan turns his hand to poetry

Gardening guru and Yours favourite, Alan Titchmarsh has revealed his latest career move and we can’t wait to hear it. It turns out Alan has more than just a passion for gardening, as he is releasing his very first poetry album.

Alan Titchmarsh reveals his guilty TV pleasure! 

Alan has put together a collection of his favourite gardening and plant inspired poems, all accompanied by a beautiful orchestra, playing music written by his friend and classic FM composer, Debbie Wiseman.

Take a look at the preview below:

The Glorious Garden: Alan Titchmarsh and Debbie Wiseman, will be available to read in booklet form or purchase on a CD to listen to with the specially composed music, performed by a full orchestra.

The poetry album complete with musical accompaniment is on sale now and available to purchase here for £10.99.

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