Jay Osmond: ‘Go about life and do good’ is the philosophy I live by’

jay osmond on stage

by Bryony Firth-bernard |

Jay Osmond is an American musician, who is most well-known for being a member of family group, the ‘Osmonds’, during the seventies. The 67-year-old was the drummer in the group and continued to perform music with his brother, Merrill, who was the lead vocalist. But will the Osmond's ever play together again as a group? "I can’t see that the real Osmonds will ever play together on stage again," Jay tells us. "Some of us have health issues, some are busy with other projects and Merrill has just announced his retirement. It’s a shame but I have some incredible memories – and now I’m reliving those days with ‘The Osmonds – a New Musical’." The play tells the true story of the five Osmond brothers and is touring now.

Here, Jay shares with us his philosophy on life and the advice he’d give to his 18 year old self… {#h-here-jay-shares-with-us-his-philosophy-on-life-and-the-advice-he-d-give-to-his-18-year-old-self}

'Be a light to others'

‘Go about life and do good’ is the philosophy I live my life by. Because when you do good, you feel good. And have a purpose. To me, that’s the goal.

My faith is a massive part of life. As a family we belong to the Church of Jesus Christ and the Latter Day Saints – also known as Mormons. It kept us all going and gave us a purpose in doing what we were doing. It still does. ‘Faith, family and then career’ is the mantra father instilled in us and it’s the rule we live our lives by.

'Love is so powerful'

My favourite Osmond’s song is Love me for a Reason, because ‘let the reason be love’ is a message that is so powerful. But Crazy Horses would be my next choice – the song was way ahead of its time. I went to see Donny’s show in Vegas not so long ago and he’ll called me up on stage to perform that and a couple of other numbers. It was great fun!

'People are important'

The Osmond Fans are as much a part of the Osmond Story as the band. We affected their lives and they affected ours. Our mother and father instilled in us a love for our fans and that has never gone away. Every week, I get the chance to have a virtual chat with the fans on my Facebook – and I love it!

I have always loved the UK – the people are so warm and I kind of regard it as my second home. When I look back at that crazy time in the Seventies, it feels like it was a total whirlwind. I think that comes across in the show.

'Live theatre is wonderful'

I’m beyond thrilled my story is now a musical. I’ve wanted to tell it for such a long time and the opportunity to create a sort of ‘living autobiography’, seemed the perfect way to do this.

I spent my whole life performing live – on stage, on TV specials, in arenas – so the buzz of live theatre felt like the perfect place for me. There were some difficult times in my life, and some big hurdles to overcome, but despite our troubles, it’s been joyful. I want people to walk out of the theatre feeling excited about life after seeing the show. That’s my goal.

'The advice I'd give my 18 year old self would be...'

I took everything so seriously and so personally at 18 so I’d say, ‘Lighten up a bit, Jay, and enjoy the journey!’

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