Win a Bluetooth tracker from Tile


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Tile is offering seven Yours readers a Bluetooth tracker – we’ve got two Single Slims (worth £29.99 each), two Single Mates (£19.99 each) and three Single Stickers (£24.99 each) up for grabs!

Tile’s Bluetooth trackers help keep track of misplaced items and phones – even on silent. The Tile Mate is great for attaching to everyday things like keys and bags. The Tile Slim slides into wallets and luggage tags or can be attached to notebooks. And a Tile Sticker is perfect for sticking onto remote controls or laptops allowing you to keep track of your devices.

Tile is part of the Life360 family, so users can also find their things using Life360’s family location-sharing app. Combined, Life360 and Tile offer busy families.

Competitoon closes June17th, 2024.


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