Win a blood pressure monitor and packs of Elixi Heartcare

Win a blood pressure monitor and packs of Elixi Heartcare

Your heart is amazing – it beats around 70 times a minute, pumping more than 10 million litres of blood around your body every year.

Yet if statistics are anything to go by, too many of us take it for granted: around one in five of us in the UK have high cholesterol and approximately 30 per cent, high blood pressure. What’s more, we’re often unaware we have a problem.

In a bid to raise awareness, Elixi Heartcare MultiBene® has teamed up with Kinetik to offer 20 winners a blood pressure monitor and three packs of Elixi Heartcare. 

New from Finland, each 10g Elixi sachet provides a unique combination of plant sterols, potassium and fibre-rich flaxseed. 

Plant sterols have been approved by the European Food Safety Authority to help maintain normal cholesterol levels. In addition, the added potassium can help in maintaining normal blood pressure. 

Scientists agree that reducing both cholesterol and blood pressure is extra beneficial for your heart. Simply sprinkle the contents of one sachet over cereal or porridge, or mix into a yogurt or smoothie for a delicious, heart-healthy start to your day!

And stay on track with a Kinetik Blood Pressure Monitor. Easy to use, you just the wrap the cuff around your upper arm and inflate. 

If you have any concerns about your heart, cholesterol levels or blood pressure, see your GP.

• Not a winner? Elixi Heartcare MultiBene® is available from Health stores including selected Holland & Barrett stores and the blood pressure monitor from Alternatively call 01782 366080 for stockist details.

See your GP before taking vitamin supplements or herbal remedies, particularly if you take prescribed medicines. Always speak to your GP before stopping any medication or before starting any diet or exercise regime.


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