Celebrate National Stationery Week!

Celebrate National Stationery Week!

Five coloured cat highlighters £3, Paperchase

Make any paperwork 100 per cent more fun with the cute kitties!

Butterfly notebook £10, Natural History Museum Shop

Even shopping lists will look beautiful in this pretty notebook.

Stabilo 68 mini jeans set of eight pens £9.99

This little set is a real pocketful of sunshine! Plus they write with a fine line rather than a felt tip finish, so you can use them daily.

Tutti fruity A6 notebook £6, M&S

Ticking things off your to-do list will be easy-peasy with this lemon lovely.

Black toast hatch ballpen £6, Emma Bridgewater

Got a novel in you? Get it started with this pretty pen.

Mercato melon memo notes £3, Paperchase

Stick these slices to the fridge to help you remember when you're out of milk!

Lime stationery compendium £2.50, M&S

Organise your life with this set of 33 zingy essentials - all for just £2.50.

Blue mix tags and labels £8, Emma Bridgewater

Make every birthday present or letter extra special with these gorgeous labels.

Staple-free panda stapler £6, Natural History Museum Shop

Have you ever seen anything sweeter than this little panda? And he'll save you ever buying staples again.

Tropikana festival spirit ballpoint pens pack of six £4.39

Six fancy pens for less than £4.50? Count us in!