The key to happiness in your 60s


12 January 2010 00:00

Happiness coach Sue Stone offers tips to improve your day-to-day living

In your sixties

This is a decade of big change. You may retire, move house, or find yourself looking after grandchildren. Enjoy it!

1 - Keep a gratitude journal for 30 days

At the end of each day write down three things that made you feel grateful. A smile from a grandchild, a bargain at the supermarket, a phone call from an old friend. "The more you do this the easier it gets," says Sue, who is a passionate believer in the the power of positive thinking

2 - Seek out positive people

You have more choice about who you mix with once you've retired. Negative, miserable people will only bring you down, so be choosy. If you can't persuade them to think differently, limit the time you spend with them. "Remember, this moment is all you've truly got," says Sue Stone. "Don't waste it."


3 - Give something back

4 - Pat yourself on the back

Retirement is a perfect time to become a volunteer. The buzz from helping someone purely because you want to is like no other. It gives you a new purpose and allows you to see firsthand that your life really isn't so bad. Can you spare a couple of hours a week to chat to someone who's feeling lonely? Could you drive an elderly person to a hospital appointment? If so, contact the WRVS on 0845 601 4670 or visit The years of struggling with the pressure of work and raising a family are over. Phew! So relax!

Reasons to be cheerful...


Research shows that over-50s are more resilient to criticism and experience fewer persistent negative moods.
Source: Stanford University, USA

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