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A 60s teenager

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riannamia, 06 January 2010 16:33

As a teenager in the early 60's I was just like all my friends very interested in the latest fashions. Us girls wore several starched petticoats under our skirts so they were really full and frilly when I sat down the skirt would sit on top of my knees. A white v neck jumper and a big belt pulled so ...

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Scrapbook special moments

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pretty_lucky, 25 April 2008 13:09

When I've got the time and means, I'll be sitting down with a book for scribbling my ideas and letting pages take shape. They'll include photographs and momentos and I'll be able to express my individuality with text explaining situations where needed. I know my friends and family will recognise my style of writing and it's good to think that ...


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