Why you should try a new sport this January!

Lizzy Dening

Deputy Web Editor, Tuesday, 3 January 2017

Taking up a new sport can help your brain as well as your body

There's no better time than January for trying your hand at a new hobby or sport. A new survey has revealed that 38 per cent of adults feel excited and 24 per cent feel proud when they try something new, yet as we age we tend to stick to what we know. In fact, 64 per cent of us have given up the activities we enjoyed as children, according to holiday company Neilson

The most popular new hobbies to try? Hiking, mountain biking and swimming.

But not only will trying a new sport be good for your body, but your brain will benefit too. “The brain is like a muscle which needs to be exercised to keep it in good condition," says Robert Hutchinson, a transformational coach, wellbeing consultant and founder of The Authentic Life Company. "New experiences are a fundamental requirement for mental growth and the brain loves stimulation; it grows with use and it withers with inactivity.”

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